Mad Movie Challenge

I track movies I watch in Letterboxd. At the start of this year, I received a notification that stats for the year were available. After taking in the site wide stats (most watched director, most liked movie, etc.) I noticed that I had logged 308 films in 2013. That includes repeat viewings but leaves out the movies I forgot to log or that I couldn’t find in the site database.

Still, 308. That’s nearly a movie a day. Actually it’s about 84% of a movie per day.

My second thought was “No wonder I’m fat.”

But my first thought stuck with me, and that was that I could do better than that. I could average a movie for every day!

Thus was born The Project. You could call it the Mad Movie Challenge, the Fatty’s Film Folly, or the What the Hell is Wrong with You. The goal is simple: 365 movies logged to Letterboxd this year.

I’m off to a strong start, with 18 movies so far. There’s a long way to go, but I feel good about it. I can do this. I can achieve something completely pointless.

Then I should probably take a walk or something.

9 thoughts on “Mad Movie Challenge

  1. I think back when I was a single Professor living with similarly inclined roommates I got close to 365; I don’t think I ever counted repeats, so I was probably getting very close. I get this feeling that in the coming year I’m going to get further from, not closer to that goal, so I’ll be living through you.

    • Wendi supports this endeavor, which is both awesome and disturbing. It’s like she’s acknowledged my sloth.

      I shall carry the slothy water of watchiness!

  2. It is with no small amount of trepidation that I decided to once again do the March Movie Madness challenge this year: a movie a day, titles in A-Z order, because I don’t give a flying flick about basketball. My work schedule is so all over the map, however, that achieving this truly is a challenge, and requires a level of cheating and system-gaming that would be the envy of many a politician.

    The fact that I am required to take a week off one job for Spring Break does help. But like Mort, I will largely be living vicariously through your adventures in cinema.

  3. Yes, a walk would be a great idea! Does your walk from the parking lot to work each morning and evening count? šŸ™‚

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