We See Your Underpinnings

Well, I learned about the server and technology used by Letterboxd, but I’d rather see my movie list.

Yes, but why don't you show me the bytecode?

Yes, but why don’t you show me the bytecode?

It’s not difficult to present a useful screen to the user when something goes wrong. Clearly, that’s not an important consideration to the Letterboxd developers.

I expect, however, that they are talking plenty about database availability and access today.


Whither Atomic Zombie?

I made a banner for Tales of the Atomic Zombie, and I eagerly uploaded it to the site. Then I poked around the site’s control panel to find where to change the page templates to include the new image.

No such luck. Because I use a free account I can’t change the actual pages, only change colors and add links. It’s possible that there’s a different template that includes space for a custom banner; I’ll dig through the collection of available templates to see. I may have to shell out a few bucks for one, but that’s okay. I love this banner, and I’m really proud of having drawn it myself.

I mean, look at this thing. Awesome, right?

Tales of the Atomic Zombie

Awesome atomic banner!

Anyway, don’t be surprised if the look of the site changes in the next month. It’s time to make these pages atomic!