A Villain by Any Other Name

I play City of Villains, a comic book based MMORPG. For those that don’t know what that acronym means, I’ll explain through example. I get to control a powerful zombie and his zombie minions as they rob, steal, and vomit their way across a shared virtual landscape.

One of the silly little pleasures I take in the game is finding terrible names for my villains. I’ve got Chick Trax (a young boy who learned demon summoning from playing Dungeons & Dragons), Jane Dare (a woman who savors a challenge), Dirty Varmit (a gun-for-hire who wears a bunny suit), and many other characters with silly names.

I thought of a doozy the other day. It was funny, it referenced the power set, and it was obscure enough that there was little risk of someone else having already claimed the name.

Today I have no idea what it might have been. It was Major something, but that hardly narrows down the possibilities. I can’t even remember the power set or anything else about the villain.

It certainly must have been obscure.