Unlock Achievement: Launch Web Comic!

My comic Furry Widdle Bunny launched today! I’ve been building up to this for a while, and it feels pretty gosh-dang good to finally throw it up on the web for all to see!

Er. Phrasing.

The artist toots his horn.

The artist toots his horn.

Anyway, I’ve been tooting my own horn all day over it, chiefly so I don’t think about all of the work ahead of me. There are enough strips in the queue to get through November, and I’d like to keep a roughly 2-month stockpile to ensure that I keep this going!


Hopping Down the Furry Widdle Bunny Trail

I’ve been working in (open) secrecy for nearly a month on a project. It’s been years since I last did a Furry Widdle Bunny comic and nearly a decade since I drew a comic strip! I’ve decided to restart it as a weekly 3-panel strip starting in October!

Now, by “restart”, I mean quite plainly to start over, as though none of the strips or associated comics ever happened. The same characters will be reintroduced, and in time the situations will all be restored, but I wanted to take the opportunity to start it all from scratch as a semi-linear narrative. If all goes as planned, the earlier stuff should still fit into the timeline as extras. Well, the strips and “Furry Widdle Bunny” 1, at any rate. The “New Corporate Policy” issues were always a bit in their own weird space.

I feel like there are maybe two people who remember what I’m talking about, here…

Anyway, the new strip is going to be in color, so one of my pre-production steps is to make color guides. I’ve started, of course, with Simon.

Simon looks very weird to me in color, yet.

Simon looks very weird to me in color, yet.

I’m probably not going to talk overmuch about it here. There will be a new site launched to host the strip, and I’ll provide a link when it’s up. I just thought I’d share this because I’m all excited. 🙂

If you are interested in seeing more info about the process of getting the new strip up and running, I’ll be posting updates to Hula Cat Comics.