Squawkin’ Robin

For a while now there’s been a robin nesting above our back door. She yells at us whenever we go outside, but otherwise it’s not a bother.

I was out back grilling burgers today and looked over at the nest. There was a horrible open beak showing above the twigs. Thinking that a chick had died, I moved closer to see if any were still alive. The beak twitched, and an ugly little head craned up unsteadily.

I was relieved, if unsettled, and then I noticed the others. In total four ravenous beaks waved above the nest, waiting for food to drop in. It fascinated me that they looked a bit like the ridiculous monster from “The Giant Claw”.

The burgers finished, and I took them in after taking one more look at the birds. I hoped they didn’t grow to the size of battleships.