Giant Bug Crossing

Last night while driving home, I was startled by a massive bug hitting my windshield. Not as startled as the bug had been, but for substantially longer. Also, my guts weren’t spread across my field of vision.

Which brings me, somewhat grossly, to my point. This thing was huge! (Those with delicate stomaches may wish to skip to the next paragraph. I swear I’ll keep the upsetting stuff to the rest of this paragraph. Okay, that’s probably not true; I know where I’m heading, and if you find bug juice disturbing you should just give up on this entry now. Sorry about that.) At least two inches of bug tail was stuck to the glass, flapping in front of my face. The long trail of goo lead to the unidentifiable remains of what may have once been a head. Everything else was gone, including the wings I assume had brought it into striking range.

My guess is that it was a dragonfly, around three inches long. I thought of the opening of “Men in Black” and then instantly veered into half-remembered facts about giant insects from back when whatever allowed insects to be giant was going on.

Driving in the Carboniferous period would’ve been an unending horror show. A single cave-dragonfly with a two foot wingspan could leave you driving blind. And throwing up.