So That Happened

I was coming home from work — in fact, I was about to turn onto the 1-block street that leads to my house. Then I noticed that there were flashing lights in my rear view mirror. Now, this isn’t an altogether unprecedented turn of events. I get pulled over every few years, usually for coming into town at a speed not quite worth ticketing. This time was different. Not in its result, because I was let go with a warning for the umpteenth time.

What freaked me out is the reason the officer pulled me over. Seems I forgot to put my new tags on last year due to never having ordered them. I have no idea how that happened. I swear that I even remember putting them on, but no such luck. Clearly someone’s been messing with the timestream again.

Anyway, I’ve now ordered them and paid the $10 late fee, so if I get stopped again before they come in they can at least see that I did register. Also very glad for discovering this before traveling out-of-state. And, as ever, for being a color the cops favor.


Cold Air Stream

I was cleaning images off my phone and discovered this documented strangeness.

There had been a thin covering of frost on my car, and a freezing mist settled on my car as I drove. When I got home, I noticed that there was an icicle coming up from the hood of my car.


I can only figure that the moisture from the mist was funneled there by the contours of the car, such that what was essentially a water spray froze in place.