Unlock Achievement: Launch Web Comic!

My comic Furry Widdle Bunny launched today! I’ve been building up to this for a while, and it feels pretty gosh-dang good to finally throw it up on the web for all to see!

Er. Phrasing.

The artist toots his horn.

The artist toots his horn.

Anyway, I’ve been tooting my own horn all day over it, chiefly so I don’t think about all of the work ahead of me. There are enough strips in the queue to get through November, and I’d like to keep a roughly 2-month stockpile to ensure that I keep this going!


Here’s Something That Ain’t Right

That Ain’t Right: Historical Accounts of the Miskatonic Valley is now available in print!

For the (currently) low, low price of “under $10” you can get your guide to the strange events that have happened along the northern coast of Massachusetts. This collection includes my own story “The Pull of the Sea”, which reveals the terrors that face even the dead in this haunted region.

Buy it from Amazon! You won’t be safe without it!

Kickstart a Nightmare!


My friend and sometime collaborator, Rafer Roberts, has been quietly producing the most delightfully disturbing comic strip I’ve ever read. “Nightmare the Rat” follows the escapades of the title scamp as he pilfers the choppers of the slumbering citizens of Hell City. And illegal tooth extraction is the least perverse thing in the series.

See for yourself!

Now Rafer’s running a Kickstarter to collect these strips for publication in the Hell City newspaper. There are, of course, some cool rewards, so please check out his campaign!

Kick that delightful scamp!

Hopping Down the Furry Widdle Bunny Trail

I’ve been working in (open) secrecy for nearly a month on a project. It’s been years since I last did a Furry Widdle Bunny comic and nearly a decade since I drew a comic strip! I’ve decided to restart it as a weekly 3-panel strip starting in October!

Now, by “restart”, I mean quite plainly to start over, as though none of the strips or associated comics ever happened. The same characters will be reintroduced, and in time the situations will all be restored, but I wanted to take the opportunity to start it all from scratch as a semi-linear narrative. If all goes as planned, the earlier stuff should still fit into the timeline as extras. Well, the strips and “Furry Widdle Bunny” 1, at any rate. The “New Corporate Policy” issues were always a bit in their own weird space.

I feel like there are maybe two people who remember what I’m talking about, here…

Anyway, the new strip is going to be in color, so one of my pre-production steps is to make color guides. I’ve started, of course, with Simon.

Simon looks very weird to me in color, yet.

Simon looks very weird to me in color, yet.

I’m probably not going to talk overmuch about it here. There will be a new site launched to host the strip, and I’ll provide a link when it’s up. I just thought I’d share this because I’m all excited. 🙂

If you are interested in seeing more info about the process of getting the new strip up and running, I’ll be posting updates to Hula Cat Comics.

Mad Scientist Journal: Winter 2014

One of the projects I completed recently was an installment of my mad science advice column “You Oort to Know!” (ostensibly by Dr. Arthur “Oort” Cloud) for publication in the Winter 2014 issue of “Mad Scientist Journal”. The issue is now out and available for purchase as an e-book from Smashwords and Amazon, with availability coming soon from other vendors.

In addition to my invaluable advice, the issue contains 3 months worth of peer-scoffed articles about mad science from http://madscientistjournal.org, original fiction geared to mad scientists, and other mad tidbits.

Go on. We all go a little mad sometimes!

Web of the Big Damn Spider Relaunched

Some of you may know that a handful of years ago I had a podcast and website dedicated to movies. It was called The Web of the Big Damn Spider, and while several spider movies were featured it was really more about tracking tropes in horror and other genre films.

That endeavor collapsed under its own lack of focus, but I always wanted to revisit the idea.

I am proud to announce the launch of the re-focused and reanimated Web of the Big Damn Spider!

From here out, it is wholly dedicated to reviewing spider movies and (because I must have some leeway) sharing spider-related information. The first post is a review of the 1959 Three Stooges film HAVE ROCKET — WILL TRAVEL, a film better read about than viewed.

“Heart of the Warrior” Released in Mad Scientist Journal

My short story “Heart of the Warrior” is now available in the Autumn 2012 edition of Mad Scientist Journal. Edited by Jeremy Zimmerman and Dawn Vogel, Mad Scientist Journal is an e-book anthology of essays, advice, and classifieds that relate to all things madly scientific, and it also contains short fiction that appeals to the mad scientist in all of us.

“Heart of the Warrior” was inspired by wondering how “Star Trek” would have turned out if it had been written by Edgar Rice Burroughs from the viewpoint of Mr. Scott. Mechanic Lucas Beynon and his friend Professor Reginald Jones build a ship capable of travelling between worlds. The story joins the crew of the Afri Celeste as they explore Mars and confront their own humanity.

Mad Scientist Journal is available for only $0.99 from Smashwords and should be on major e-tail vendor sites within a few days.