Minty Fresh

Braces have made it significantly more difficult for me to floss. For a while I tried using a dental needle to thread floss under the wire, but it’s not a simple task. So when one of my orthodontist’s assistants recommended that I try super floss, I ordered some. Super floss is specialty floss cut into pieces that have a stiff end, a stretch that’s puffy to help get at things under the wire, and then normal floss for, y’know flossing with.

The package came today, and as I opened the shipping envelope the smell of mint wafted over me. I was surprised to discover that the boxes were sealed in a plastic wrapper. The odor was so strong it couldn’t be contained!

This brings us to Wyeth. Cats love catnip, as we know, and catnip is a member of the mint family. This doofus just spent 5 minutes thoroughly licking the plastic wrap, thinking he was getting high. Finally content, he crawled into my lap to sleep it off.

I don’t know whether I’m more embarrassed for him or jealous of his contentment.


September’s Films By Women

I sat down to start tallying my films by women for October and realized that I hadn’t scored September yet! So, here’s how I fared on the 52 Films by Women challenge in the 9th month.

  • The Bad Batch
  • Jupiter Ascending (yes, the Wachowski sibs are women)
  • Marjoe (co-directed with a man)
  • Near Dark
  • Ravenous
  • Urban Legends: Bloody Mary

I’d already seen Near Dark this year, so that brings the running total to 35. 17 more in just 3 months! Can I make it?