Excerpts from the Play “The Indescribable Life of H.P. Lovecraft”

SCENE: Howard sits in a small dark room, staring at the wall. His mother comes and stands in the doorway.

Mother What would you like for supper?

Howard (mumbles) Apes.

Mother Fresh out, I fear. We still have a cured ham, though.

Howard Apes taunt us with their twisted reflection of humanity, resembling our superior form in only the crudest fashion to insinuate that we ourselves are no more than animals, as though the bestial parody of our semblance were enough in itself to drag us down into their soulless mire.

Mother Oh, Howard! You must not let those evolutionists vex you so! We were created by Our Savior in His divine image, and that’s all there is to it!

Howard stares probingly at his mother.

Howard Mother? You’ve never known an ape, have you? If you have, you must confess it to me! Though I should go mad if you were to answer in the affirmative, I shall equally suffer in the lingering question — so, mother, you must be plain with me! Have you ever known an ape!

Mother I saw one at a circus, but we were never formally introduced.

Howard Mother!

Mother Perhaps some simple porridge tonight, then.

Howard That would be lovely. Thank you.



SCENE: Howard sits on a love seat with Sonia, his wife.

Howard What is that? What are you doing?

Sonia I’m caressing your arm, dearest.

Howard Kindly desist, madam. It is a lascivious act that recalls to my mind the grotesque physicality of our mortal frames.

Sonia A little physicality sounds pleasant.

Howard Let us retire to the bed chamber, there to leave our mortal shells while we unleash our minds to soar together through the deeper, ethereal realms.

Sonia Very well, Howard. Tonight our minds shall soar in dreams, but tomorrow we shall be as man and woman.

Howard That is equitable.


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