Kickstart a Nightmare!


My friend and sometime collaborator, Rafer Roberts, has been quietly producing the most delightfully disturbing comic strip I’ve ever read. “Nightmare the Rat” follows the escapades of the title scamp as he pilfers the choppers of the slumbering citizens of Hell City. And illegal tooth extraction is the least perverse thing in the series.

See for yourself!

Now Rafer’s running a Kickstarter to collect these strips for publication in the Hell City newspaper. There are, of course, some cool rewards, so please check out his campaign!

Kick that delightful scamp!


I’ve Never Been to See a Shrink

I’ve mentioned my arachnophobia before. So why do I stop and look at spiders? I wish I knew!

I'll swallow your soul!

I’ll swallow your soul!

Seriously, this thing seemed to me to be about a foot or so in diameter. I swear it laughed at me as I took the picture.

“Think you can prove anything? I’ll only appear to be the size of a dime in your pathetic picture! Mwa-hahahahaha!”

Then it tried to flip me off, but spiders don’t have fingers.

Correcting the Week

It’s tempting to think that last week was a bad one. Certainly bad things have happened. A stupid and avoidable error (partly mine) at work disrupted service on the website for 4.5 hours. I’ve backed out of an event that I had grown to love because I cannot support an organizer who berates and ridicules attendees. This means I won’t be seeing cherished friends from across the country any time soon. My seemingly perpetual sinus headache has been especially strong. Menahem Golan died. And the cat that poops on the bathroom floor switched to the kitchen.

Also, we’re almost out of ice cream cookies with another full week before our next food delivery.

That right there was a joke, and although it was lame it’s important to me to try making with the funny. I have to remind myself that unpleasant events are not the only measure of the quality of life. That should be obvious, but I have trouble being positive.

So here’s why last week was awesome.

My copy of “The Green Girl” came in. You may remember that this is the documentary about Susan Oliver, the accomplished actress who inadvertently launched an entire sci-fi fetish. Also, because I contributed to both funding campaigns, somebody else’s copy came in. I just have to figure out who it belongs to.

In other purchase-related happiness, I managed to find a copy of Little Nemo in Slumberland: So Many Splendid Sundays! at only a 50% markup. Considering that the out-of-print collection is usually cheap at $850, that’s a phenomenal bargain.

Lest you think that I rely solely on buying happiness, I also made a lot of headway in creating 3D reference poses for the first set of comic strips. Although I’m beginning to fret about the schedule, the long-term time savings from this process makes my hopeful of catching up quickly. Additionally, this will keep me from avoiding more dynamic layouts.

As if that weren’t enough, I received word that two anthologies I’m in are in the proof copy stage. I even got a PDF of one of them to review. It’s thrilling to have a short story and comic about to be published by others, and to get this news on both at once is amazing. This is what I’ve always pursued, and to let it be eclipsed by a few negative occurrences is lame.

So it was an eventful week. Some of it sucked, but that’s okay because a lot of it was pretty damn spa dominos. You read that right. Spa dominos. That’s auto-correctish for shpadoinkle, and that’s okay with me.