Susan Oliver and the Green Girl Documentary

The first project I gave to on Kickstarter was a stop-animation short that has still not materialized after two years. Funding is always a risk, no matter how you go about it, so I lived and learned and developed better strategies for weighing probability of getting the promised return. (I’m still prepared to be pleasantly surprised; the erstwhile creator at least got in touch with backers a few months ago to apologize for delays.)

One project I liked enough to fund twice, first on Kickstarter and then on Indiegogo when a modest cost overrun required more support.

Susan Oliver was an actress, a pilot, a writer, and a director, but today she’s most remembered for slinking through the original “Star Trek” pilot with green body paint. George A. Pappy, Jr. wanted to share her story in a feature-length documentary called “The Green Girl”, and I wanted to see it. He had access to materials and interviewees as well as experience with putting a movie together, so it looked like a good bet.

Well, the film is slated to be released this year (it’s even in IMDb, for the curious), and the backer rewards have started arriving.

Susan Oliver Portrait

I’ve gotten two photographs from Oliver’s collection of promotional shots, one of which I’ve included above. I look forward to receiving my copy of the film now. At least I can fill the time reading all the comics I’ve gotten as rewards.


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