A Bit Of Thankful Positivity

I’m having a difficult time staying positive lately, so being as this is the week of Thanksgiving for those of us in the USA I thought I’d express my appreciation for some of the things that keep me going.

Wendi seems to still like me
This is a big one for me. That someone not only puts up with my nonsense but elects to stay with me is an enormous foundation to my existence. Bonus points for her ability and willingness to turn groceries into food, and eternal high marks for her power to learn and do practical things (such as lighting the water heater).

1st World Infrastructure
We lost power for four days last week, and our lives became… interesting and complicated. It was a frustrating experience, and we certainly wished that the utility workers would reach our area sooner. We’ve lost power twice in the decade or so that we’ve owned our house, and this was the only time it stretched into multiple days. That’s pretty cool, really. We can largely just take it for granted that our access to electricity will be uninterrupted, and even when lines get broken we can call in the problem, get an estimate for the repair, and track the progress online.


Kittens make everything better
In actuality they destroy everything their maniacal little paws can reach, but they’re just so damnably adorable that you have to admire their energy. Then they curl up on you and go to sleep, and your heart melts all over again.

My teeth have not exploded …yet
Two out of two dentists agree that my remaining baby teeth will explode. What they won’t do is offer any feasible suggestions for how to deal with the gaps that would be left after they’re properly defused and extracted from my upper jaw. There are teeth hiding in my gum that prevents them from putting posts in for fake teeth, and four healthy teeth would have to be sacrificed for bridgework.

So until they can present me with a viable course of action, I live with the threat of dental cataclysm. But I live!

Prestige collections of old comics
Journey Into Mystery, The Heap, Forbidden Worlds, Tomb of Terror, Konga, Crime Does Not Pay! — a lot of great, old comics are available now in full-color (often hard-cover) editions. As a fan of the medium, it’s thrilling to finally have affordable access to some of the treasure of the golden and silver ages of comics!

Middle management that values results
With my cynical attitude and occasional meltdowns, it’s a good thing that my immediate bosses appreciate my contributions. Otherwise our regular talks might have stopped abruptly quite some time ago.

Did I say kittens?
Yes. Yes I did. Because they’re awesome!

Zzzzzzzz... meeeeeeew...

Zzzzzzzz… meeeeeeew…

Have a good Thanksgiving, and travel safely!

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