My Name Is Sean and I’m Addicted to My iPhone Game

This past weekend, as has become my pattern, I fell ill. All Saturday I felt exhausted. Then I slept for essentially the next two days. During this period of lethargy I somehow discovered that there’s an iPhone version of the classic game of inter-stellar conquest, Spaceward Ho!

No time for writing! There's a galaxy to conquer!

No time for writing! There’s a galaxy to conquer!

With its simple interface and charming voice clips (“Yah!” for leaving a planet, “Whoooooooa!” for aborting a trip, and inarticulate grumbling from opponents when you thwart their plans), it became am obsession for me in the Apple SE days.

I downloaded it immediately and played it whenever I was conscious. Only the sheer lunacy of “American Horror Story Asylum” got me to set it aside for a little while.

If I start missing writing deadlines, I may need an intervention.


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