Spider – 1, Me – Minus Several Thousand

So there I was, watching the MST3K episode of “Giant Spider Invasion” when I happened to glance to my left. There, dangling an inch from my face, was a moderately large house spider.

When I finished my freak-out, I had completely lost track of my opponent. Now I’m feeling itchy, and I’m pretty sure that the spider is just waiting its chance.

I’ve got company coming in an hour. I think I’ll let him have the spider seat.


4 thoughts on “Spider – 1, Me – Minus Several Thousand

  1. I hate that moment when you’re working at the computer and one of those little f*ckers repels down from the ceiling between you and the monitor and there’s that brief moment of “What the?” before it comes into focus and registers followed by the flailing and the “GAH!”ing and the falling off of chairing.

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