Our Marriage Could Probably Sneak Drinks

This month, Wendi and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary, which I believe is traditionally the Fish anniversary. Therefore, we’ll be travelling to observe a variety of species in their natural habitat: the Shedd Aquarium. While Wendi takes in the tanks, I’ll be testing my courage with the goliath spider in the Amazon exhibit. If that infernal beast so much as twitches a pedipalp I’ll likely need an ambulance and a dry pair of shorts.

I think that’s at the center of our relationship’s longevity. Not the pants-wetting — enjoying the same things individually.

We met playing role-playing games, but we quickly discovered other shared interests. Comics, animation, keeping me from passing Russian: we had a lot in common. And while I prefer movies about zombies and she favors vampires, we can both agree that haunted houses are pretty neat.

My point is that we started out as friends, and 20 years of marriage has only strengthened our bond. We don’t like being away from each other, but we can happily sit in the same room doing separate things. We’re in a sort of sweet spot between togetherness and solitude.

Marriage is a partnership, and we make pretty good partners, I think. Plus, Wendi makes jam — so I kind of win.


9 thoughts on “Our Marriage Could Probably Sneak Drinks

  1. I wonder if they’ve had a series of “oldest fish” on display like the series of Lenin corpses at his tomb in Moscow. It’s not like you can count the rings on it or something.

    • Wait, wait, wait: they had a series of corpses of Lenin? So there were fake Lenin corpses? That is amazing.

      • If I remember correctly, the embalming was botched and wiser heads decided not to display his moldy face.

  2. Great story, Sean. Ken and I think you’re a “keeper” and we’re glad you’re a part of our family. I know I’m your favorite mother-in-law. 🙂

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