I Yet Live

1. I’m not dead, but I have been very busy.

2. I’ve now completely forgotten what I’d originally intended to write about.

3. When I heard that Richard Matheson had died this week, I decided to write about his influence on fantasists in the 2nd half of the 20th century.

4. Then I read this, which says it all perfectly.

5. So I thought I’d talk about a great writer who hasn’t died — Robert Sheckley.

6. It turns out that Sheckley died a while ago, which I knew at the time but somehow forgot.

7. With no time to write something new, I edited a book review.

8. I don’t want to post the book review without a scan of the cover, and I believe that I mentioned something about a complete lack of time.

9. DOMA got struck down, which has nothing to do with the absence of a post from me this week but is totally awesome.

10. I’m still not caught up at work, so I have no time to post anything coherent.

11. I bought three (3) versions of the movie poster for “Kingdom of the Spiders”. Intentionally.

12. On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love said to me: “It’s the beginning of summer; you’re not allowed to talk about that.”


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