A Fair Exchange

I was chatting with D____ about movies when the following exchange occurred.

Me: I got the see the director’s cut of Alien at the Michigan, and it was GLORIOUS!
Me: I forgive Ridley Scott a lot, because that is still my favorite movie.

D____: I think that’s fair

Me: I still want my money back from the free screening of White Squall, though. THAT, I will not forgive him for.

No sooner had he called me fair than I turned into a judgemental jerk. It’s that sort of IM whiplash that could launch a thousand psych term papers.

3 thoughts on “A Fair Exchange

      • I’m contemplating coming out for one of the two nights. Definitely won’t be able to do both nights. It also depends on whether or not my sister-in-law does into labor that weekend. I’ll find you guys if I’m making the trip!

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