A Year in the Life Atomic

I’ve now been posting to this blog for a year. It felt like I only just made my weekly post, but at just over 100 entries the average was closer to twice a week. Not too shabby for a guy who tends to start lots of projects only to abandon them for shinier things.

One reason I’ve stuck with it may be that I’ve experienced some creative benefits. Last year I wrote a short story for the first time in years, and it got published in Mad Scientist Journal. I learned my first song on the ukulele. (Previously, I’d practice parts in isolation for recording.) I have a new comic book coming, and I’m writing another one. There’s even a comic strip that I’ve started to work on as a long-term project.

Maybe it’s simply a coincidence. Perhaps the same energy that allowed me to be productive in general enabled me to maintain a blog. At this point I’m not certain it matters. Whether it’s my luck charm or my canary in a coal mine, I know that as long as I can keep to this schedule I have the ability to create.

To those who’ve been following me over the last year, I extend my thanks. You keep me from talking to my cats, and they should probably appreciate that more than they do. I hope you enjoy the next year of Tales of the Atomic Zombie! I’ll continue to over-share, pontificate, muse, and hopefully to amuse.

Maybe I’ll even scrape up some time to start making illustrations again. 🙂

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