Automated Trouble Machine

Last November, my bank experimented with a new ATM system that returned the card after the PIN was accepted. It confused me, despite clear messaging, but I quickly got used to it. It seemed to be a sensible change that would reduce the number of forgotten cards.

Then, like the fabulous city of Shangri-La, the new workflow disappeared as though it had never been. I had to readjust to the old model of getting my card at the end of the transaction.

Apparently others have not successfully adjusted.

Yesterday I stopped in at the ATM just in time to see a guy walk off without his card.

“Dude!” I called. “Your card!”

Nothing. He kept walking and turned a corner, still fussing with his money. I looked for his name on the card and got my bulk moving and shambled after him.

“Michael!” I yelled.

He stopped and turned, clearly wondering how I knew him. I handed him his card.

“Oh. Thanks.”

I trudged back to conduct my own automated transaction, wondering why exactly the bank had backed down from preventing this sort of incident.

2 thoughts on “Automated Trouble Machine

    • Now that would be pretty cool! This machine is pretty much an antique. I’m honestly amazed that they can keep supporting it.

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