My Resolutions for 2012

We park down the street from a gym. Every January the lot fills quickly, but by February usage drops back down to normal. You can almost see the puddles of dissolved resolutions. I prefer failing to improve myself several times over the course of year. I also know that, resolution or not, an activity I don’t enjoy won’t become part of my routine.

A year is a good chunk of time, though. Long enough that a review seems to be in order. In no particular order then, I present my retroactive resolutions for 2012.

I have a tendency to start a lot of projects and abandon all or most them. Tales of the Atomic Zombie began in the start of March, and I’ve posted at least once a week ever since.

This is the bar, folks. Making regular blog posts is an accomplishment.

I spent some time this year on restarting my comic company. One issue is currently being colored for publication next year, and I’ve started writing another. I attended a convention in order to gather ideas for how to pitch digital works in a physical venue.

Not a failure, but hardly a success.

One of the purposes of this blog was to get me writing again. I started two stories and finished one them, which I sold! (More on that later, when I have links to share.) Additionally, I entered a small contest and won it (tied, really), giving me a column in a publication next year. (Again, more later.)

This resolution was an unqualified success, upon which I hope to build.

I spent the last year and a half regaining most of the 80 pounds I’d lost. Fortunately I’ve stayed about ten pounds shy of regaining it all. So, there’s some room for improvement is what I’m saying.

Pretty much a big ol’ fail.

I released two songs this year, and I’m pretty happy about both of them. One is even in iTunes, Amazon, and other digital markets. For the second year in a row, I failed to release anything for Christmas.

So, really a mixed bag.

I got a promotion and spent the majority of the work year trying to not screw up. I didn’t screw up, but I didn’t exactly distinguish myself either.

Kind of a minor plus, overall.

I just put the flannel sheets on yesterday. My studio and library are starting to attract reality show film crews.

Major fail.

Some things turned out better than I dared hope, others sort of muddled along as usual, and a few went very poorly indeed. That just means I keep trying!

Happy New Year, folks. Keep safe, and remember that resolutions aren’t just for booze o’clock at the end of the calendar year. Keep the desire to do better in your heart all through the year, even you only take it out for inspection every once in a while.

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