Grounds for Dismissal

In the kitchenette nearest my “office” there is a note about how to make office coffee. One part of the note specifies that “3/4” cup of grounds should be used. I don’t drink this weak sauce, so I don’t know how long it’s been since this measurement was amended to “0.75”.

Joking about this seemingly pointless edit, I was informed of the sad necessity for it. Someone had managed to misread “3/4” and used 3-4 cups instead.

My first thought was that whoever did that was probably the same jerk that’s been throwing trash into the recycle bin. My second was that I missed out on the best coffee we’ll likely ever have here.


3 thoughts on “Grounds for Dismissal

  1. Wow, how did they manage to fit 3 or 4 cups of coffee grounds into the filter basket? Do you think they stopped and said, “Uh oh” when they reached the absolute tippy top? Or did they just go ahead and press “Brew”?

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