Semi-Random Thoughts on Writing Pulp

I’m working on stories to submit to two online journals, and while I’m finding it difficult to write at the level I demand of myself it is wonderful to be creating fiction again.

I really haven’t done much prose work since finally abandoning my novel for being overburdened with unrelated ideas.

For inspiration, I’ve looked backward to my early, pulpy influences: H. P. Lovecraft, with his paranoid self-loathing; and E. R. Burroughs, with his heroic adventures. I’m sure it says good things about my mental state that I relate much more to Burroughs these days, but it has the effect of making it much more difficult to write the horror piece.

I still really like the plot, but I haven’t made any progress on it in well over a month. On the other hand I’ve been going gangbusters on the space adventure, and I have only the vaguest of notions where I’m going with it.

I guess the difference is that adventure is more fun. I should just chuck the whole Lovecraft angle and take the plot to a healthier environment — someplace where it can run around and enjoy itself.

I hear the woods are nice this time of year…

5 thoughts on “Semi-Random Thoughts on Writing Pulp

  1. Ah come on, Lovecraft was a genius and you could do a lot worse than write around him. I’m also a prose writer, so have to say that it’s nice to run into you, because I am getting tired of all the poetry. And I suck at writing it. And oh yeah, love the atomic zombie title and graphic – great stuff.

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