Crosswalk Baseball

I understand jaywalking. Crossing against the light makes sense to me. Waiting for the signal even if there’s no traffic in sight? Having been run over, I’m totally down with caution.

What I don’t get is trying to steal the corner.

The pedestrian walks a few feet into the road, ready to cross yet not quite committed to the act. Oncoming traffic veers to the center, creating dazzling new opportunities for collision, while the player simply stands in the way.

It makes me want to have an accomplice and a baseball. My accomplice, being the disposable member of the duo, would run across the road and toss the baseball. I’d catch it and tag the corner stealer out.

They wouldn’t know what we were doing, but that’s okay. The ball would probably hit a passing car, sending the driver into a panic that would end up with the corner thief and me crushed beneath the vehicle.

On second thought, I’ll be one running across the street.


3 thoughts on “Crosswalk Baseball

  1. You ever try to actually cross a street, especially one without a light? I have to do this all the time because if I don’t step a little into the street, no one is ever going to stop. Best part? I’m doing this at a cross walk without a light, which, in this state, at least, drivers are legally obligated to stop at. Good luck getting anyone to actually do it.

    • Okay. That I can understand. You need an edge. You’re actively trying to get safely across the street.

      What I saw was a woman just standing three feet into the street at a crosswalk with a light. It’s either tag her out or get her back inside the fence with the other grazers.

      • Ah, yeah, that’s a bit different. Also, if there’s a light, and that much traffic, suck it up and wait for it.

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